Our Story

Anthony Lazzaro founded Pour Coffee Co in 2017. We focus on roasting coffee according to the Nordic roasting style, which highlights the unique, bright flavors of high-quality, single-origin coffee beans.

We start our roasting process by seeking high-quality beans at their peak maturity. We purchase only specialty, current-crop coffees, which is coffee harvested during the current crop year. The average price we pay for green (unroasted) coffee is numerous times the price paid for coffee globally.

To us and our customers, the difference is worth it. By using very high-quality beans with a Nordic roasting style, we are able to highlight the clarity of flavors in our coffees. Our coffees are sweet and vibrant, and often emphasize the fruit-forward tones and acidity with no "roasty" flavors.

We roast our coffees to brew on any method, including pour over, coffeemaker, French press, AeroPress, cold brew and espresso. We hope you enjoy our product as much as we do.